A New Surgery?

A New Surgery in Sherston?

If you want to retain a GP Surgery in Sherston, then you need to support this campaign and ensure your voice is heard.

The need to secure the future of the GP surgery in Sherston was identified by the Sherston Parish Council as being of high priority for Sherston residents. 

The Steering Group for the Sherston Neighbourhood Plan believes that a way must be found to fund a new GP surgery, or Sherston’s GP practice is likely to be closed within 7 years.

The vote on the Sherston Neighbourhood Plan by way of a Referendum was conducted on 16th May 2019.

92% were in support!!

The results of this will now determine the future of the surgery in the village.

The Partners and staff would like to thank all residents for their fantastic ongoing support.

The proposal is that a mixed use development on the Sopworth Road site comprising 45 houses could fund the construction of a new surgery.

  • The current surgery is likely to close within 7 years unless it can move into more suitable accommodation.
  • The nearest GP Surgery will be at least 6 miles away.
  • Our elderly and disabled patients need ground floor consulting rooms
  • A new surgery will preserve the vibrancy and viability of the village

The proposed option will

  • provide more affordable housing
  • secure future expansion land for the primary school
  • provide land allocated for a new pre-school facility
  • preserve existing green spaces elsewhere in the village

26 Houses are to be built in Sherston, with the possibility of further development – an extra 19 houses now will protect the village from further development and provide a new GP Surgery

An update about our new surgery - May 2019 can be downloaded below: